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" If Allopathy doesn't have answer to your disease, it doesn't mean that you have no hope left !!! Smile with Acupuncture " :)

Sunday 8 March 2015


According to allopathy,there is no cure for asthma!!!What can only be done with allopathic medicines is preventing or controlling and ending attacks after they have begun...
For that patients have to depend on inhalers(bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory).In severe cases,patients are prescribed steroids which has its own set of side effects!

Enhance your knowledge now...Asthma is not a lifetime problem guys which ends only with somebody's life...No!!!!Get the asthma treated completely from its root via Acupuncture :)

In fact,Asthma is in WHO's list of conditions for which therapeutic effect of acupuncture is known!

Let me discuss some cases with you now!
Case 1:
8 yrs. old kid came to us around 2 yrs back with the history of chronic cough since 2 -3 yrs.He got diagnosed with asthma.
He was taking inhaler daily to deal with his breathlessness.He was also taking steroids!!!
Stamina was very poor so playing and running with other kids was a big trouble for him.
His symptoms used to exaggerate during change of season,in winters on exposure to cold and on exertion.

After his 3 courses of acupuncture treatment,he got completely fine with no need for any medications now.Even after his follow up after 2 yrs ...he is completely fine :)

Case 2:
21 yrs old girl came to us around 1 yr back with the history of shortness of breath since her childhood.She got diagnosed with hereditary asthma.
Her symptoms used to exaggerate on change of season,on exposure to dust,on exertion,on mental stress.
Sleep was not sound,Digestion was weak too.
After her 4 courses of acupuncture treatment,she is completely fine with no need of any medications now.
Thanks to acupuncture!

Case 3:
Recently,60 yrs. old patient came to us with the history of chronic cough since 10 yrs.
Her cough used to exaggerate on change of season or on taking sour or cold food items.
Sleep was very disturbed.
No breathlessness was present.
She used to feel as if there is phlegm stucked  up in her throat all the time that is not coming out  even on forced coughing.
Digestion was very weak too.

On examining her chest X-Ray, Chronic Bronchitis was diagnosed.

After her 3 courses of acupuncture treatment,she is completely fine with no cough or phlegm obstruction now.Sleep has improved a lot now.

Acupuncture is boon for all respiratory problems....So,smile with acupuncture!!!

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