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" If Allopathy doesn't have answer to your disease, it doesn't mean that you have no hope left !!! Smile with Acupuncture " :)

Saturday 28 February 2015


Patient named X, 13 yrs. old came to us with his mother with a set of symptoms such as:
  -Excessive anger 
  -Poor concentration leading to poor grades.
  - obsessed with Very negative thoughts 

While talking to the child, we found..he lacks confidence and is very anxious as well...His mother was extremely worried  as this was affecting his grades in studies at school and peace of their house.

Patient's CT(Head) and EEG were normal.

Patient got diagnosed of ADHD of hyperactive-impulsive-inattentive subcategory!ADHD is one of the most common childhood disorder and can continue through adolescence and adulthood even.

He took treatment under allopathy...but that only made him very drowsy...otherwise, no effective relief!

Then we started his treatment with acupuncture and found what!!!  The results were simply amazing!  We started getting the results in just 12 sittings.
After 3 courses, he improved by 70%.  Now

-He is no more hyperactive thus sitting at one place is not a problem anymore!
-Concentration increased that improved his grades at school.
-No more negative thoughts.
-More confident.
-No more anxious.

Last but not the least,patient and his family members are extremely happy...*still under treatment for remaining recovery.

Acupuncture acted as a blessing for him and his family!!! Smile with acupuncture...


  1. http://www.sciencealert.com/people-with-adhd-are-twice-as-likely-to-die-early-often-in-accidents

  2. Your successful treatment to the disease is a wonderful achievement. Well done. Keep it up!

  3. Very inspiring story. Acupuncture Treatment helps childrens to overcome there problem.