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Thursday 21 January 2016


CONSTIPATION....Are you the one affected by it?Is your constipation chronic?Have you tried everything till now?Tired of medicines and their side effects?

Constipation means that your bowel movements are difficult or happen less than normal.Almost everyone has it at some point in life and we know that it is really very disturbing!

Patient doesn't feel like eating properly, feels bloated most of the times and many a times abdominal pains also accompany.

Now..no more sufferings...no need of medicines..just cure your constipation from root with acupuncture !!!
Now I am discussing my recent case of chronic constipation here...
Patient named X of age 37 came to us with the history of chronic constipation since more than 10 years.She was very frustrated as she had tried everything till now.
Abdominal bloating, acidity and naval displacement was present.In her language her tummy was not able to relax at all.
Thirst was low,sleep was not sound, cravings for sweets were present, temperament was anxious and impulsive.Stamina was poor, breathlessness was present on anxiety.Tongue was having thick white yellow coating.
After 12 sittings of acupuncture she got rid of her chronic constipation with overall improvement in her health too...Tongue became normal!
Patient's feedback after treatment...
I had been suffering from severe constipation and gastric problem for quite a long time.I used to feel heaviness and bloating after having every meal. I used to avoid eating fried, rajma, channe, naan. Then I opted to go with acupuncture.After 2 sittings I started feeling lighter.Really a blessing for patients who have been under medication for long time.
After one course I have become perfectly alright.Now I can relish almost everything.I don't have to think before eating.
My regards and thanks to Dr.Niharika mam for contributing so much to the society.Thanks!One more thing I want to add, my skin has also improved.I can see glow on my face.

Smile with Acupuncture :)


  1. Actually, I am not confident with with acupuncture because I have not tried it yet. For now, I am already contented with this Digestic by Mimonis, which is my best reliever in treating constipation. Constipation actually is not a problem anymore of my family.

  2. @Reymond Upmedia...That sounds great!Digestive by Mimonis is herbal formulation..You can use that too.Acupuncture is holistic therapy not only for constipation but also other serious chronic disorders which balances your mind,body and soul.