Tired of Allopathy ??? Try Acupuncture...

" If Allopathy doesn't have answer to your disease, it doesn't mean that you have no hope left !!! Smile with Acupuncture " :)

Monday 23 March 2015


Are you having one of the following symptoms:

-Constant or periodic episodes of low back pain.
-Morning stiffness causing difficulty in getting up from bed.
-Difficulty in sitting or standing at one place for long.
-Sharp and shooting pain going from back  to one or both legs.
-Difficulty in bending or turning around.

If yes!!!check it out guys..get your X-Ray or MRI done as told by your physician...
Low backache is very common these days and many patients come to us daily for the same 
as allopathic medicines have given them only symptomatic relief without treating their problem!!!

Let me discuss some of the cases with you now:
Patient named X of age 25 yrs. came to us with the history of low back ache(right side) for 3 yrs.
Pain was severe with intensity of 8-9 on scale of 1-10 where 10 is most severe and 1 is least severe.
Relief from pain on rest but it increased on exertion or on travelling.
Once the pain started, it used to take 25 min. to come back to normal.

MRI findings:
Disc bulge at L4-L5 level leading to thecal sac indentation.
Straightening of lumbar curve.
Sacralization of L5 suggested.

It took 5 acupuncture courses and she got completely cured with no back pain on exertion or on travelling!!!
It has been 1yr. now after her treatment got completed and she is doing completely fine!

Patient named Y of age 42 yrs. came to us with the history of chronic low back pain for 12 years.
Pain used to increase on sitting or standing and decrease on lying down.
Severity of pain had increased in last three months before she visited us.
Her severity was 10 on scale of 1 to 10.
On examining her lumbosacral X-Ray(AP view):
Straightening of spine seen.
Osteophytes seen on lumbar vertebrae.
Rarefaction of bones present.

After 5 courses of acupuncture courses..she recovered drastically with no back pain anymore!

Patient named Z of age 32 yrs.came to us with history of low back ache with sharp shooting pain going in her left leg since 4 yrs.
Pain used to increase on exertion,sitting at one place for long and on exposure to cold but relieve on rest.
Morning stiffness was present.
MRI revealed:
-L4 L5 disc bulge causing thecal sac indentation.
-L5 S1 disc bulge with no significant thecal sac indentation.
-Bilateral sacro-ilitis

Patient took 4 acupuncture courses and now she is completely fine with no back pain or sciatica pain!!!
Patient was followed up after 6 months of her treatment and she is doing completely fine!!!

Thanks to acupuncture for being so wonderful!

Thursday 12 March 2015


Acupuncture is my passion, my love rather much more..when I am myself an ALLOPATH...precisely, a dental surgeon, yes .. I have prescribed allopathic medicines to many patients of mine and I am very well aware about its limitations and side effects!!!

Every science has its limitations...so do allopathy!
What allopathy is good for??? Check it out guys...Yes...The acute problems!!!
Allopathic medicines orally or IV or IM help patients deal with their acute conditions, diseases or symptoms.
Then what about chronic problems...Check out..Does allopathy help???NO...A BIG NO!!!Not even common cold.  This is what inspired me for the science called Acupuncture.
Acupuncture has a clear history of about 2000 years,some authorities even claim that it has been practiced in China for some 4000 years!!!

My first acupuncture patient was the case of facial paralysis of right side.  She was referred to me by a dentist who accidentally injured her facial nerve during dental anaesthesia.  She was under steroids and other medicines but was not improving.  She came to me after 3 months of her injury.  In just 8 sittings...we achieved almost 50% of success...and in just 3 courses..100% recovery with facial tilt restored back to normal, malocclusion got reversed to normal, frowning of forehead got restored..lid closure restored to normal!!!

In South India..there are gynaecologists who conduct even deliveries by acupuncture anaesthesia with no need of any medicinal anaesthesia.Same is the proven success for dental anaesthesia!!!

In the end I would like to conclude with just one line...Acupuncture is a blessing for almost all chronic diseases with no significant side effects unlike allopathy...

When I am myself an ALLOPATH...

Sunday 8 March 2015


According to allopathy,there is no cure for asthma!!!What can only be done with allopathic medicines is preventing or controlling and ending attacks after they have begun...
For that patients have to depend on inhalers(bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory).In severe cases,patients are prescribed steroids which has its own set of side effects!

Enhance your knowledge now...Asthma is not a lifetime problem guys which ends only with somebody's life...No!!!!Get the asthma treated completely from its root via Acupuncture :)

In fact,Asthma is in WHO's list of conditions for which therapeutic effect of acupuncture is known!

Let me discuss some cases with you now!
Case 1:
8 yrs. old kid came to us around 2 yrs back with the history of chronic cough since 2 -3 yrs.He got diagnosed with asthma.
He was taking inhaler daily to deal with his breathlessness.He was also taking steroids!!!
Stamina was very poor so playing and running with other kids was a big trouble for him.
His symptoms used to exaggerate during change of season,in winters on exposure to cold and on exertion.

After his 3 courses of acupuncture treatment,he got completely fine with no need for any medications now.Even after his follow up after 2 yrs ...he is completely fine :)

Case 2:
21 yrs old girl came to us around 1 yr back with the history of shortness of breath since her childhood.She got diagnosed with hereditary asthma.
Her symptoms used to exaggerate on change of season,on exposure to dust,on exertion,on mental stress.
Sleep was not sound,Digestion was weak too.
After her 4 courses of acupuncture treatment,she is completely fine with no need of any medications now.
Thanks to acupuncture!

Case 3:
Recently,60 yrs. old patient came to us with the history of chronic cough since 10 yrs.
Her cough used to exaggerate on change of season or on taking sour or cold food items.
Sleep was very disturbed.
No breathlessness was present.
She used to feel as if there is phlegm stucked  up in her throat all the time that is not coming out  even on forced coughing.
Digestion was very weak too.

On examining her chest X-Ray, Chronic Bronchitis was diagnosed.

After her 3 courses of acupuncture treatment,she is completely fine with no cough or phlegm obstruction now.Sleep has improved a lot now.

Acupuncture is boon for all respiratory problems....So,smile with acupuncture!!!

Tuesday 3 March 2015


WHO  has listed following list of diseases,symptoms and conditions that has been shown through controlled clinical trials to be treated effectively by acupuncture:

-Low back pain
-Neck Pain 
-Tennis Elbow
-Knee Pain
-Periartheritis of the shoulder
-Facial Pain
-Dental Pain
-Temporomandibular(TMJ) Dysfunction
-Bronchial Asthma
-Induction of labor
-Correction of malposition of fetus(Breech Presentation)
-Morning Sickness
-Nausea and vomiting
-Postoperative Pain
-Essential Hypertension
-Primary Hypotension
-Renal Colic
-Adverse reactions to radiations and chemotherapy
-Allergic Rhinitis including hay fever
-Biliary Colic
-Depression(including depressive neurosis and depression following stroke)
-Acute Bacillary Dysentery
-Primary Dysmenorrhea
-Acute Epigastralgia
-Peptic Ulcer
-Acute and Chronic gastritis

Still the research is on and the report continues with three more categories:
  1. Diseases,symptoms and conditions for which therapeutic effect has been shown but further proof is needed(68 -specific conditions).
  2. Diseases,symptoms and conditions reporting some therapeutic effects for which acupuncture is worth trying(9 conditions).
  3. Diseases,symptoms and conditions in which acupuncture may be tried,provided the practitioner has special modern medical knowledge and adequate monitoring equipments(8 conditions).
 I myself has delivered positive results in many cases such as(patients' feedbacks may be substantiated ,if desired):

Chronic/Critical Diseases:

-Varicose Veins
-Cervical Spondylosis
-Low back pain
-Rheumatoid Arthritis
-Frozen Shoulder
-Facial Paralysis
-Hyper or Hypotension
-Migraines and headaches
-Sleep Disorders
-Speech Disorders
-Nerve Deafness
-Motor muscular weakness
-Other disorders(males/females)


-Height Increase


-Menstrual Imbalances
-White Discharge/Leucorrhoea
-Polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOD)
-Low or high libido


-Loose facial skin (Wrinkles)
-Dark circles around eyes
-Restoration of Facial glow.

*still working on many more...